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IoT and Energy Harvesting

InanoEnergy develops and provides innovative solutions for IoT and energy harvesting, using flexible and high efficient thermoelectric and piezoelectric micro-/nano-generators tailored to the needs of private businesses, and creating innovative technology that provide big advantages to the national industry. We also provide consulting services (including research and development) for large national and international companies seeking specific and custom-made applications.

We are the first company in the world using innovation in nano technology to develop solutions for downhole power in the Oil & Gas industry

Market Sectors

Oil & Gas

Inanoenergy´s R&D oil and gas applications are aimed at giving the industry a boost in its production efficiency through downhole power generation.

Water Management

We provide a comprehensive range of solutions and techniques to create value for the water supply industry, potentially decreasing its operational costs through smart management with sensors and analytics.

Waste Management

InanoEnergy is also facilitating solutions to the waste management industry. We are studying the way that containers could connect with the central to optimize the logistics operations.

Blue Energy

We are providing an optimum solution to power small devices in navigational buoys through wave energy conversion.





We are experts in



Research & Development

inanoEnergy focuses on the development of new technologies using innovative concepts and top research of nanomaterials, energy conversion and triboelectricity.




Local Energy Generation

Our team has advanced knowledge in materials with intrinsic properties of energy conversion, applying this concept in a revolutionary way in local (and portable) generation to power sensors and IoT applications, even in harsh environments.



Development and fabrication of nanomaterials

We have a high capacity to use various materials and functionalize them, having at our disposal state-of-the-art technology for the production and handling of micro and nano devices. Our ultimate goal is to manufacture high efficiency flexible devices providing users with greater energetic autonomy and freedom.