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Project OfficeFundo Azul
Short Titlei.nano.WEC
StakeholdersinanoEnergy, FEUP and INEGI
IndustryBlue Energy / Renewables
Innovative nanotechnology for

The recent realization of triboelectric nanogenerators (TENGs), a novel technology that can efficiently
harvest low amplitude, low frequency wave energy, marks a break from present energy harvesting systems
based on costly and low efficient photovoltaic technology. I.nano.WEC aims to develop the first marine buoy prototype integrating highly efficient energy harvesting systems based on triboelectric nanogenerators. This achievement could foster the continuous monitoring of environmental and human activities in remote oceanic locations, enabling the long term deployment of energetically autonomous systems for the aquaculture, signalling or metocean markets.

Local Energy

The generator can locally provide energy even in remote places such as in the open sea kilometers away from the shore.

Cost Efficient

The nanomaterials used to build the generator are considerably chepar than photovoltaic cells while addresing the same solution.

Additive Manufacturing

3D printed parts allows us to have fast paced prototyping to improve our maintenance and delivery.

Navigational Buoys

Our technology is being tailored to the needs of navigational buoys and focus on optimizing sinalization. However, the triboelectric nanomaterials are also capable to cope with other applications to power small electronic devices, providing full autonomy in monitoring processes with maritime buoys.